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Methodology Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management and Execution
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Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management & Execution

Forest, Trees - Getting "Lost in the Bark"




Management Framework


As stated previously, businesses generally know the Vision of what they want to achieve. Business problems that are identified (or any general failure to meet expectations) naturally result from shortfalls in Execution – not doing the right things at the right time. Instinctively businesses look to the trees and the bark for the problem, instead of also going back to determine if there was a problem with the Vision, the Strategy or Management plan. “Where did we go wrong? We had a clear vision, a strategy and a management plan…”

Our Vision services revolve around assessment and definition - a "check up" followed with further refinement. While Vision is the guiding force of a business, it is not entirely static. Feedback from Strategy, Execution and Management will focus and sharpen the Vision.
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