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Methodology Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management and Execution
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Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management & Execution

Forest, Trees - Getting "Lost in the Bark"




Management Framework

Seeing the Forest and the Trees without getting "Lost in the Bark"..

Using a familiar metaphor, it is all about understanding the way you want to see the “Forest” – your Vision. You need to know the details of how the "Forest" can and should arise from "Trees and Bark" – that level of detail is your Strategy. The "Trees and Bark" represent the projects and activities that allow your business to function. You will need to take time to determine the specifics of measuring and evaluating the progress of the "Forest, Trees and Bark" – your Management plan. Finally you must take specific actions as the "Forest, Trees and Bark" mature - you must Execute.

Most businesses fail to realize their Vision because they lose perspective and get "Lost in the Bark." They have never taken what they perceive as the "luxury" of the time to pause and review operations from such a strategic approach, instead being consumed by the tactical problems of day-to-day activities. That's a perfectly logical situation: Running a business is all about the details of execution and operations - it's all "Trees and Bark." Without that focus, a business can't function. But without stepping back to watch and plan for the strategic development of the "Forest," the business will fail to reach (or likely never really know) its true potential. As your trusted advisor, V2E Group can quickly provide the external perspective to get "out of the bark" and get back to the "forest and the trees" to develop and then execute Strategy guided by a strong Management Framework that delivers success.
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