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Methodology Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management and Execution
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Overview: Vision, Strategy, Management & Execution

Forest, Trees - Getting "Lost in the Bark"




Management Framework


Most often, problems start with the Strategy. In the words of Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, “Vision is easy. It’s so easy to point to the bleachers and say ‘I’m going to hit one over there.’ What’s hard is saying, Ok, how do I do that?” Strategy means having the data to have a Plan that can be Executed with certainty of success – measurable, quantifiable, traceable success. Gerstner states the essence of a Strategy as: “Good strategies start with massive amounts of quantitative analysis… blended with wisdom, insight and risk taking. A successful, focused enterprise is one that has developed a deep understanding of its customer’s needs, its competitive environment, and its economic realities. This comprehensive analysis must form the basis for specific strategies that are translated into day-to-day execution.”

Business is full of pitfalls: Customers must be targeted out of a super set of every possible demographic; they continue to demand a more satisfying and sophisticated experience as a precursor to conducting business. The specific dynamics and methods of optimally advertising, or being “found,” change monthly. Competitors can gain an advantage and “raise the bar” while you were caught “flatfooted.” Of the many things you might do, a large number will cause more harm than good. There will be a seemingly endless line of experts recommending even the worst tactics, which may result in the deterioration of your business. Of all the activities to complete when allocating resources toward a business operation, getting the Strategy correct “now” rather than “later” is clearly the prudent choice. Otherwise, expectations are likely not going to be met regarding results that are on time and on budget.

Going back to Gerstner’s advice, “Good strategies start with massive amounts of quantitative analysis… blended with wisdom, insight and risk taking.” V2E Group's services are designed to produce accurate, precision strategies with in depth analytical detail to include adequate planning elements and execution guidance to help the client determine what options are available for Execution, the likely outcomes thereof, as well as a Management Framework for monitoring progress toward success. V2E Group's substantial business experience and research capabilities, garnered over a wealth of clients from a variety of industry verticals, insure the kind of wisdom, insight and smart “risk taking” referenced above.
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